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Los Angeles Hikes

There are plenty of fun things to do around the City of Los Angeles, and if you have a list of things you need to do and see, it is probably a pretty long list. Riddled with beautiful beaches, delicious food, and arts & culture, this stretch of coastline has a lot to offer. Not the least of which are some phenomenal Los Angeles hikes. With so many options for activities in the area, it is no wonder that one of the best activities still remains largely unknown: Los Angeles hikes and the scenic route of the Backbone trail through the Santa Monica Mountains.

What Makes The Backbone Trail Such An Amazing Los Angeles Hike?

Located in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area — the biggest urban national park in the world — the Backbone Trail offers everything from panoramic cityscape views to unimpeded views of the Pacific. Through a concerted effort of private and public organizations, carving out and organizing all 69 miles of the Trail took almost five decades. The end result though, is a trail that can be crowned one of the best hikes in Los Angeles.

You can now enjoy the fruits of a decades-long process with easy access to the Backbone from multiple outlets spread around Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. While some trails can give you an idea of what the Santa Monica Mountains have to offer, no other hike in Southern California shows the full scope of the landscape — from volcanic cliffs to wooded canyons — quite like the Backbone Trail.


Is Hiking In Los Angeles Difficult?

Any experienced hiker will tell you, regardless of where you are hiking, it can be dangerous if you are not prepared for your journey ahead of time and have some semblance of a plan. The Trail Magic Adventures does most of the preparation leading up to a trip, all you have to bring to start is your essentials. We will provide the food, the equipment, the guides, and the campsites. Our All-Inclusive programs provide all hiking and overnight gear, nutritious food, water, and Wilderness First Responder backcountry guides to support hikers on their journey.

What Makes This Trip One Of The Best Hikes In Los Angeles?

The terrain and mountainous landscape, coupled with the pictureque nature of the coastline is beautiful beyond compare and completely unique to the area. The thing that makes the Trail Magic experience one of the best hikes in Los Angeles though, is the meaningful re-connection that you will have with Nature and the ones you hold close.

With Trail Magic Adventures, you can plan a single-night camping trip with our family to watch the sunset, or you can challenge yourself with the complete 69 mile thru-hike. Regardless of the trip you are looking to accomplish, Trail Magic Adventures has the tools and the ability to make it happen.

If you would like to experience one of the best hikes in Los Angeles, contact us today and let our team build the perfect Trail Magic Adventures experience for you. Or, if you know exactly what you want, check out our online booking options. Your adventure awaits!

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