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Perhaps it's time to Reconnect?

With the ever-changing world of technology, we as adults, parents, and kids are facing uncharted territory in this remarkably rich, yet increasingly complicated digital era. Although technology has its various benefits, for many individuals it has become the most dominating influencer of their lives.


Based on the results of several large-scale, nationally representative studies, the average American teenager spends 9 hours per day, or 63 hours per week, immersed in electronic media that does not include school-related technology. Individuals in the study that were considered “heavy” users spent an astonishing 13 hours and 20 minutes a day with screen media.


The average American adult is not very far behind in their consumption of media. Whether it’s on a tablet, smartphone, computer, multimedia device, video game, or television set, the average American spends nearly half of their 24-hour day staring at a screen. ​

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Multiple studies reveal the negative effects that too much screen time can have, particularly on youth. Irregular sleep patterns, poor coping skills, as well as social and behavioral issues are progressively becoming more prevalent in many of today’s younger generation. Research shows that too much time on social media can actually re-wire a young person’s impressionable brain, causing them to be more prone to have anxiety, depression, and attention issues.

Modern society and technological advances are leading people increasingly away from nature and from their own inner journey. Whether it’s in our homes, offices, cars, stores, or the like, the average American spends roughly 95% of their lives indoors. Combine this with our heavy device use, we often lack the time for reflection and true connection with others, ourselves, and the beautiful world we live in.


Trail Magic Adventures wants to provide a pathway into these vital experiences and insights. We hope to bring back the art of outdoor play and to provide opportunities for quality face-to-face social interactions that foster real interpersonal connections.

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