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Trail Magic Adventures has created All-Inclusive programs so that each participant can fully experience the joy of hiking and camping without worrying about all of the trip logistics that goes into creating an exceptional outdoor experience. Travel light on and off the trail and show up at your chosen adventure with everything ready to go for you.  


Along with transportation, permits, itineraries, reservations, continuous research, site visits, and all of the other details associated with executing a trip, the following are also a part of our All-Inclusive programs:


Each participant is provided with over $1000 worth of top-of-the-line equipment for each program. Every item has been carefully selected for optimal comfort and functionality so that each individual can confidently tackle the trail. Adventurers will hike with supremely ventilated daypacks that only contain their personal items and a small list of provided essentials to ensure a safe and rewarding experience. Camping and cooking equipment will already be at each secured campsite awaiting our arrival. All gear is thoroughly inspected and cleaned before and after each program to ensure the safety and best experience of each Adventurer.


Please refer to the equipment lists below for further details on the high-quality gear we provide and what personal items participants should plan on bringing with them.

High-Quality Gear Photo.jpg





Our highly experienced guides lead with a strong focus on outdoor knowledge and safety. All of our guides are certified Wilderness First Responders with healthcare provider level CPR. These leaders also carry an extensive backcountry first aid kit, a comprehensive list of medical protocols, emergency equipment, and a SPOT X Satellite GPS Messenger on every program. Pre- and post-trip meetings, debriefs, and evaluations are conducted for each adventure to ensure that Trail Magic Adventure guides continue to deliver positive, powerful, and safe experiential experiences. These leaders are passionate about guiding others through the trails of the outdoors so that adventurers can be free to navigate their own paths within.


Learn more about our team by visiting our Guides page.


Trail Magic Adventures is dedicated to nourishing the body with healthy and nutritious food in order for adventurers to have the energy to nourish their souls with nature’s beauty. Well-balanced meals consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are cooked with herbs, spices, and oils to optimally fuel a hiker’s hunger.


Adventurers will be able to quench their thirst with filtered water, electrolyte mixes, and an assortment of hot drinks for the morning and evening. A variety of trail mixes, granola bars, fruit, and other snacks are also provided to eat at the hiker’s discretion. Trail Magic Adventures can also accommodate vegetarian and gluten-free diets and will make adjustments for food allergies.

Campsites Photo.jpg


Due to the limited camping options available along the Backbone Trail, we have secured campsites within the Santa Monica Mountains for Trail Magic Adventures participants to comfortably camp on.


High-quality camping and cooking equipment will be stored at each campsite so hikers only need to carry a provided daypack with essentials along the trail.


Enjoy a fun, peaceful night under the stars while having the opportunity to laugh and bond with trail friends.


The following gear will be issued to each participant for the duration of the program.

Click the item to find out more information on the specific equipment we use.


Along with personal essentials, the following gear will be given to each adventurer to hike with during the day:

Hiking Pack with Rain Cover


Food Bowl with Lid



Rab Traveller

Sleeping Bag Liner

Insulated Mug

Sit Pad

Rain Jacket​

32 Degrees Men & Women Stretch

Trekking Poles*

*Except for special requests, Trekking Poles are to be provided to Adults only.

Trail Magic Adventures provides all necessary overnight gear that is located at each of our campsites:


Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Pad

Private Bathroom

Flushing Toilet and Privacy Shelter

Camp Chair

Sportneer Hiking Chair

Custom-Made Backcountry Stoves, Fuel, Pots & Woks, Serving Ware

All Cooking Supplies

Provided Equipment




Please view our packing list for information on what items will get you ready for a multi-day adventure.

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