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  • Closed Toe Shoes
    Recommendation: Athletic Shoes with tread or Hiking Boots would perform the best on the varied terrain of the trail. Ugg boots, crocs, slip-ons, and the like would not serve you well over the many miles and are not recommended. Check out these options for more ideas!
  • Socks
    Recommendation: A synthetic or wool blend sock is ideal for most comfort while hiking. Avoiding cotton socks will reduce the chance of blisters forming from sweat inside your shoe. Having taller socks help prevent brush from getting into your shoes and protects your ankles from abrasion. Check out these options for more ideas!
  • A Pair of Pants
    Recommendation: A pair of lightweight, quick drying hiking pants that are polyester or nylon would make for an enjoyable experience in any weather that comes our way. Jeans and other heavy cotton alternatives do not breathe very well and can cause chaffing due to its slow-drying fibers. Check out these options for more ideas!
  • A Pair of Shorts
    Recommendation: Similar to pants, wearing a lightweight, quick drying option like hiking, running, or swim shorts would be most comfortable. Check out these options for more ideas!
  • Underwear
    A sports bra for the ladies would be included in this category.
  • A Pair of Pajama Pants
    Recommendation: A thermal layer that is tighter fitting would not get bunched up in a sleeping bag and could be worn underneath your pants for more warmth during colder mornings or evenings. Check out these options for more ideas!
  • Pajama Shirt
    Recommendation: A longsleeved, tighter fitting thermal can be used as a layer for extra warmth at the hiker’s discretion. Check out these options for more ideas!
  • Short Sleeved Shirt
    Recommendation: An athletic, synthetic shirt would do a much better job at wicking away moisture than a cotton alternative. A shirt with sleeves would provide more comfort against backpack straps and would give more sun protection than a tank top. Check out these options for more ideas!
  • Long Sleeved Shirt
    Recommendation: During the warmer months, a sunsmart long sleeved shirt is great to slip on as a layer of protection against the sun's rays. Sunsmart options would include a collar and are light-weight and quick-drying. During the colder months, a thicker long sleeve shirt would layer nicely to keep you warm. Check out these options for more ideas!
  • Two - Three Liters of Water
    Recommendation: Drinking a sufficient amount of water is a necessity when hiking long distances in the Southern California heat. Bringing 2-3 one liter water bottles will pack best in your backpack over bringing one large water container. Water bladders are another great option for making hydration easy while on the go. Check out these water bottles and water bladders for more ideas!
  • Jacket/Sweater
    Recommendation: Wearing a fleece, wool, synthetic, or down jacket would make for a very happy camper. Check out these options for more ideas!
  • Sun Hat
    Recommendation: Whether it’s full brim or baseball cap style, a hat with a brim will go a long way in protecting against the hot sun.
  • Sunscreen
    Recommendation: Placing the sunscreen in a ziplock bag will prevent it from leaking on any personal items.
  • Toiletries
    Recommendation: Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Small Bag of Baby Wipes, Deodorant, Feminine Products
  • Personal Medications
    Recommendation: If possible, bring medications inside of its original packaging to see dosage amounts and instructions. It is recommended to bring double the supply of any prescription and allergy medications that would be needed to support the participant throughout the trip.
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