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Custom All-Inclusive Hiking & Camping Trips

You can develop a custom trip for any group or occasion. Whether you want to shorten or extend the days or miles on the trail, you have the flexibility to decide when, where, and with who you would like to explore with.


Here are some of our most popular types of custom adventures:

Family Trips

Have some quality time to connect and tighten the family bond in a positive and wholesome environment.

Corporate Retreats

There’s nothing like a couple of days together out of the office and in the mountains to foster a team’s camaraderie and unity.

Youth Groups

Whether it’s a scouting, religious, or sports group, the challenge of working together in a new environment teaches kids universal skills that can be applied to everyday life.

Celebration or Milestone

Be unique and throw a birthday, graduation, or retirement party that your group will never forget.

Clubs and Groups

Gather your hiking buddies, your 52-year-old friends, or your homeschooling community for an experience filled with growth, friendship, and fun.


Give your family and friends more stories to share as they catch up on life amongst the great outdoors.

Day Hikes

Maybe camping is not your thing, but you would still like to experience the beauty of the Backbone Trail. Customize a trip that matches your fitness level and goals for the hike.

Different Section Variations

Perhaps you are interested in making a double overnight Section into a single night, or are looking to combine two Sections into one trip. Let us know - we want your time spent with us to be a memorable one!


Want to hike the whole trail in one-go but your schedule does not match with our planned trips? We’re here to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.


Send us a message on what your ideal trip would look like, along with the number of people and your desired dates. Group sizes can range from a minimum of four participants to a maximum of ten. Although there are scheduled Section hikes on most weekends, we are able to be flexible with enough notice and move around our calendar to accommodate your schedule as best as we can. We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the itinerary and guide availability on the requested dates, and we will present you with a custom proposal, price quote, and the next steps to take to create your custom trip!

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