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Trail Magic Adventures was such a great find! We all felt so well supported in our hiking and camping of the Backbone Trail. The gear that was supplied to our whole group was top notch, the food was delicious and the coffee was to die for. Adding in amazing sunsets and beautiful vistas that kept changing with the terrain made for a very memorable adventure. Sasha and Keith really know the area so well and worked beautifully together. I highly recommend this adventure to anyone, from kids to adults... you'll find it memorable. Thank you, Trail Magic Adventures!

 Desiree S., Calabasas, CA


My camping experience is something I will never forget. When I first arrived, there were plenty of smiling faces and potential friends waiting for me. I really enjoyed the hiking since we saw a lot of amazing views. While we were walking, if one person needed to stop for a second everyone did so no one would get behind. When we got to our campsite, the guides taught us how to make our own tents which I found to be a fun exercise since I'd never made a tent before, but my partner who had built a tent before helped me. Our guides told us a lot of stories and facts about the Santa Monica Mountains. I really liked the inside of our tent, it felt as if we were indoors with our little lantern strung by the roof of the tent. I felt safe. My camping trip helped me enjoy the great outdoors with friends.

Emily S., Thousand Oaks, CA

My fiancé and I were looking for something new and different to experience in our hometown together. We are both Southern California natives, outdoorsy types but are not what you would call comfortable or experienced campers. However, Trail Magic Adventures made it easy and is now one of our favorite weekend getaways. And they are right in our backyard! They expanded our horizons in our hometown, showing us new lands, views, and trails we never knew existed, all the while providing us with all the best gear and food. They actually made camping luxurious, comfortable, and freeing! We were able to focus on the magnitude of mountains around us instead of the hassle of the climb. I couldn’t ask for more in an outdoor adventure. Thank you Sasha and Keith for an unforgettable weekend :) we will be back!

  Tara B., Los Angeles, CA

My daughter and I, along with two of her friends, wanted to go on an overnight hike. We had previously been on shorter hikes, but we felt that we lacked the experience and knowledge to do this particular hike safely. I had met Sasha and Keith on a previous hike where they had helped me out; I was very impressed with them. From the time that we started making the plans, to the time that we said our goodbyes in the parking lot at the end of our adventure, it was all made special by Sasha and Keith. I loved when they shared their stories with us, asked us questions, stumped us with riddles, took our pictures, bandaged our blisters, and gave us words of encouragement when times got a little tough. They prepared all of our meals, provided us with snacks, including chocolate, and made sure that there was plenty of coffee and hot chocolate in the morning. They even did all of the dishes! It was like going to a spa. They made it all memorable!! 


On a scale of 1-5, I would rate my overall experience of this trip a solid 5+. I actually wish the scale went higher. Sasha and Keith went above and beyond all of my expectations to meet our needs and desires. I've never had a more enjoyable, memorable time hiking in my life! It was an adventure that I will never forget, nor will I ever forget them. I felt completely confident in their abilities, expertise, and knowledge. They were professional at all times, yet extremely personable and friendly. I was able to relax and enjoy the total outdoor experience knowing that they had everything under control. It was wonderful! Sasha and Keith are two of the most genuine people that you will ever meet.  They are very real, down to earth, and extremely friendly. They love what they do, and it shows. They are highly trained and are absolutely fabulous at it!  I cannot say enough about how awesome they are! I would highly recommend them for any outdoor adventure. I can't wait for my next adventure with them!  

 Terri R., Farmington, NH

I grew up on the east coast hiking the Appalachian Mountains. Not sure what to expect when hiking on the west coast, I decided to go with some experts. Keith and Sasha were great! They have extensive knowledge of the outdoors and I loved every minute of time spent with them. As a nurse, I was interested in their first aid kit and credentials, which they gladly shared with me. I felt safe and relaxed and due to their preparedness; we had no need to use their emergency expertise. As hiking companions, I couldn't have asked for better. Being about 25 years their senior, they could have easily left me in the dust but they hiked with me, listening to my stories and sharing theirs. I cannot wait to travel their way again and try a new adventure with them.

Thank-you Keith and Sasha! 

 Sheri G., Portland, ME

The overall camping experience was fantastic. Keith and Sasha added an intellectual, fun, and adventurous experience for everyone involved on the trip. Both guides were very professional and really tended nicely to those that needed a little extra help. The risks and emergency plans were discussed before the hike, as well as explanations of potential risks that could come across during the adventure. All the gear that was provided on this trip was of high quality and exceeded the standard. The backpacks fit well and provided the space necessary, the tents were large and spacious, sleeping pads/bags were very warm and comfortable. I thought an awesome touch to the beginning of the trip was having all the required gear spread out on a tarp. Then, slowly explaining each piece of gear and how to use it, essentially making everyone comfortable using what was in their bag. Food was flavorful and hot meals were provided every morning and night adding to the comfortability of the trip. The variety of food provided were not boring either. My goal was to get out, away from my everyday life, and find some peace out in the mountains. Not only did I get that, I also met new people and had great conversations.

— Arik F., Malibu, CA

I actually had a lot of fun on the hike! It was a nice break from school work and the hubbub of being a teenager. It was a great outlet to just get away for awhile. It also really opened my eyes to the diverse wildlife LA has to offer. It was an amazing opportunity and I would do it again!

   Henry M., Santa Monica, CA

The guides were very prepared and organized. I learned so much about camping and the local mountain environment. I also made some new friends and have more respect for nature now. Thank you for the fun stories and new memories!

 Natasha M., Pacific Palisades, CA

I would rate the trip a 10/10, my favorite part was the tent camping! The gear was top-notch and the food tasted great. You could tell that Sasha and Keith really know what they're doing and they're always trying to keep you safe, but they still make sure we have fun doing it. They always kept us occupied with games and riddles. There wasn't one second where I wasn't having fun.

  Nick R., Agoura Hills, CA

My experience along the Backbone Trail is something I will treasure always. I am so glad and proud of myself for the beautiful and heartwarming experience of hiking along with you guys. You made the trek fun, interesting and adventurous for one who was born and has lived on flat Long Island all her life. I realized after being home for over a week when asked about my California vacation, the one thing I spoke most about was the hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. Sasha and Keith both have a wonderful way of relating to people, asking interesting questions, talking and just having good old-fashioned fun. Thank you so much for taking us under your wing and sharing a most enjoyable hike.

Nancy R., Long Island, NY

Trail Magic Adventures made my trip to Southern California the most memorable hiking vacation I have ever experienced! Coming from out of state with limited packing room, it was very helpful to have all of the gear provided for us for the trip. And it was good quality too! The guides Keith and Sasha were experts on the terrain, weather, backpacking, and were so encouraging during my hikes. They truly love what they do! I cannot wait to return and complete the Backbone Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains – the views were amazing!

   Tad T., Wolfeboro, NH

I was not expecting such a fun and convenient camping trip. Keith and Sasha’s professionalism was outstanding. They knew how to act quickly to situations while still paying attention to the group. The gear was perfect - the backpacks were light and the tents were easy to put together. The campgrounds were beautiful and the food was delicious (loved the hummus!). I got a nice amount of exercise and rest, I met great people and I learned new things.

 Pablo I., Simi Valley, CA

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